The idea behind the ARTS program is a simple one—to bring the many forms of creative talent that we have in abundance in the local arts community and at the University of Alabama to the public schools. Hands-on workshops that have been offered include: African drumming, holiday ornaments, pottery, decoupage, poetry, dance, tie dye, and engineering, rocketry and aerospace. We also help organize visits to the UA campus for 5th grade classes.
Workshops are scheduled during the regular school day, either to a whole grade at once, or successively in each classroom. Most workshops take about an hour. Some workshops are offered as a series, so children have more in-depth exposure to dance, poetry or improvisation.
Sugar plum ornament workshop
Marysia Galbraith ( is a professor at New College and the Department of Anthropology at The University of Alabama. She is also a potter; you can see her work at the Kentuck Gallery in Northport, and at art festivals throughout the state.