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September 2016

Fossil workshop postponed

We hope to reschedule today’s fossil workshop for October 14. Stay tuned!

Thank you for helping our workshop soar!

sky-paper-planeA big thanks to everyone in the ARTS community who helped make our paper airplane workshop a resounding success!

Most importantly, we’d like to thank the staff and students at Matthews Elementary School for welcoming us, helping us, and for being so enthusiastic and engaged.

Congratulations are in order for the three winners of the distance competition, whose airplanes flew the farthest. We think we may have some potential engineers in the making!

We hope everyone takes their new wings and continues to soar! Until next time, Roll ARTS Roll!

ICYMI: On Friday, Sept. 23, about 15 volunteers helped facilitate workshops in three 5th grade classrooms, with a total of about 75 students.

Volunteers taught students how to make two kinds of paper airplanes and then watched as the students tried making planes without instructions, but with creativity and ingenuity instead.

Students then decorated their planes and responded to a writing prompt about where they would fly in their plane and why.

To conclude the workshop, students were brought outside to test their planes and take part in a distance competition.

Comments from a Satisfied Teacher!

Thank you again for investing in the students of University Place Elementary School. I think they truly enjoyed creating their pet rocks, but they were also thrilled to share their writing with their peers. Thank you again!

~Rachel Hill


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Plane old fun!


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Arts Renaissance in Tuscaloosa Schools!

Join us at Matthews Elementary School this Friday (9/23/16) for an engineering workshop with the 5th grade. Volunteers are needed to help students make paper airplanes that soar as high as their imaginations.

We will kick off the workshop with a quick lesson in physics and then jump into making our planes. Students will be taught several methods of paper plane folding, but creativity and ingenuity will be highly encouraged. Students will then have a chance to color their planes.

Following the folding and decorating, students will bring their planes outside where we will line up and have a competition. Whose plane will go the farthest? Whose will go the highest? Who knows! We will just have to wait and see. Winners will have a fun prize to accompany their bragging rights.

Interested volunteers should arrive at Matthews Elementary School around 12:45 p.m. and expect to be there until about 2 p.m.

We hope to see you there! Roll ARTS roll!

Pet Rocks

ARTS kicked off this semester with a pet rock workshop for the 3rd grade at University Place Elementary School. The kids were fully absorbed as they painted and decorated their rocks with googly eyes, pompoms, or feathers. Then, theĀ children named their new pet and wrote a story about it. Students in New 238: Honors Cooperation and Conflict planned and led this workshop. It was a great success! Here is Molinda with her pet rock Sally!

Molinda with her pet rock Sally!
Molinda with her pet rock Sally!


Hey All!

My name is Brittany Grady and I am the 2016 intern for Tuscaloosa Arts. I am so excited to be a member of an organization committed to the assimilation of fine arts into the public school system.This year we have big plans for the organization in regards to outreach. We have partnered with two local elementary schools, Matthews Elementary and University Place, and will be hosting monthly hands-on workshops with the students. Our workshops will encompass many different types of artistic expression. If you are interesting in joining our community, feel free to complete the “get involved” form on our homepage ( We are very open to all forms of participation. We encourage everyone to follow our progress on both Facebook and on our homepage. We are looking forward to this school year!

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