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Marysia Galbraith

Marysia Galbraith is a cultural anthropologist and associate professor at New College and the Department of Anthropology at The University of Alabama. She was a Fulbright scholar in Poland for the 2014-2015 academic year working on the project "Jewish Heritage in Poland: Remembered Pasts and Imagined Futures" and is currently working on a family memoir and an ethnographic study of heritage projects.


Teachers please let us know if you are interested in any of these clay workshops for your classes!

Volunteers please let us know if you want to assist when we offer these clay workshops.

Clay animals

This workshop can be adapted to class units on worms, fish, snails, or other animals. Students will learn basic modeling techniques so they can make their own clay creatures!

Expected run time 45 min

Recommended Ages 6+

Coil Pots

Students will learn about coil pots, one of the oldest forming techniques that is still practiced in many places throughout the globe. They will have the opportunity to craft their own coil pot. They can make a cup, vase or bowl!

Expected run time 45-60 min

Recommended Ages 9+

Face Jugs

Students will learn about the tradition of ceramic face jugs in the American South, and get to model a face on a miniature jug.

Expected run time 45-60 min

Recommended Ages 9+


Students will use a combination of techniques: stamping–incising, and applique–to produce their own unique pottery plate.

Expected run time 45 min

Recommended Ages 5+

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Workshops start next week. Sign up to volunteer under “Get Involved”

New Workshops for 2015

ARTS is back with new and exciting workshops for children at Tuscaloosa area schools. We are starting with workshops at Matthews Elementary but let us know if you want us to offer workshops at your school. Coming this year: workshops in Book Crafting, Balloon Animals, Theatre, Pottery and more. Let us know if you want to volunteer.

ARTS workshops for Fall 2012

We’re excited to be starting up the school year, and planning more ARTS workshops at Matthews Elementary and at Woodland Forrest Elementary! Please sign up to be a workshop volunteer or leader now! Teachers, please tell us what workshops you would like at your school this year!

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