Day 21 of being quarantined and I am making the best out of a situation that we can. Sadly, classes at The University of Alabama have been moved to online and all of the schools in Alabama have been closed until further notice. Therefore, our class was unable to visit Matthews Elementary School to do another project.

I decided to grab up some materials and continue the project with my nephews. Granted I had made this project with the intentions of doing it with fifth graders instead of doing it with five year olds. We still had a lot of fun doing it! Since we were unable to go to the store and get materials we literally reused materials we had. We had so much fun doing this project. The boys are at the stage where they love robots. So the idea was fitting for them.

I noticed that one boy would put a lot of paint on his roll and the other would put just a little bit. Ideally it would need to be about in between both of them but they still worked out great.

We were unable to find glue that had a correct top so I helped pour it and just wished for the best. These robots turned out amazing. Even with our limited resources. But isn’t that what makes art great? Taking one man’s trash can be turned into a treasure right?

This taught me to keep calm during this time and if you think hard and long enough we can make a craft with whatever we having.